Kaleidoscope : Short Works from the Crossroads Writers Club of Fontainebleau / Urszula Dupeyroux, Constance Lindgreen, Vali Marlow, Sudeshna Nambiar, Christine Poirot, Daniel Pouget, Kelly Bostrom Robic, Yvonne van Roekel, Christopher Vanier, Kirby Williams


Crossraods Writer's Club

Public : Niveau CECRL B2

Edité par Amazon fulfillment - 2019

Mysterious doings, romantic encounters, family dramas, daily lives wrenched by change, sober recollections, silly stories, fairy tales and fables, and even a few poems... The Crossroads Writers Club, based outside PAris in historic Fontainebleau, boasts members who hail from Colombia, France, India, Jamaica, The Netherlands, Poland, St. Kitts and the United States. Each has a story to tell. A sequel to CWC's first anthology, Blue Fountain, Kaleidoscope offers a peek into worlds both familiar and exotic, showcasing the diversity of this community of writers and celebrating the power of language to bring us together. New worlds - built of words - await you in these pages.

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