La Belle Sauvage : The Book of Dust : 1 / Philip Pullman


Pullman, Philip. Auteur

Public : Niveau CECRL B2 ; Niveau CECRL C1

Edité par Fickling, David Books. [S.l.] - 2018

Malcolm Polstead's Oxford life has been one of routine, ordinary even. He is happiest playing with his daemon, Asta, in their canoe, La Belle Sauvage. But now as the rain builds, the world around Malcolm and Asta it seems is set to become increasingly far from ordinary. Finding himself linked to a baby by the name of Lyra Belacqua, Malcolm is forced to undertake the challenge of his life and to make a dangerous journey that will change him and Lyra for ever.
[FR] An immersive, moving story of a woman coming into her own at the dawn of the Second World War, from internationally bestselling author Tracy Chevalier 1932. After the Great War took both her beloved brother and her fiancé, Violet Speedwell has become a "surplus woman," one of a generation doomed to a life of spinsterhood after the war killed so many young men. Yet Violet cannot reconcile herself to a life spent caring for her grieving, embittered mother. After countless meals of boiled egg and dry toast, she saves enough to move out of her mother's home and into the town of Winchester, home to one of England's grandest cathedrals. There, Violet is drawn into a society of broderers--women who embroider kneelers (kneeling cushions) for the Cathedral, carrying on a centuries-long tradition of bringing comfort to worshippers. Violet finds support and community in the group, fulfillment in the work they create, and even a growing friendship with the vivacious Gilda. But when forces threaten her new independence and another war appears on the horizon, Violet must fight to put down roots in a place where women aren't expected to grow. Told in Chevalier's glorious prose, A Single Thread is a timeless story of friendship, love, and a woman crafting her own life. [Babelio 2020]

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  • Beware of the hyena's laughter ! 5/5

    WARNING : This book will give away one massive spoil for those who haven't read His Dark Material but are intend on doing so. Otherwise you don’t need to have read the first trilogy in order to read its prequel. SO... this book had me hooked! Admittedly nothing much happens in the first half; however, this first half is pregnant with the expectancy of what is to come and Pullman slowly stirs you guess after guess, and that's a nice feeling. Plus, the simple way this book welcomed me back in Lyra's world was a delight. It felt like coming home in the night, eyes slowly adapting to the dim light and recognising every shape and every corner one after the other. I loved Pr. Relf, I also loved meeting Asriel again, as well as the short cameos made by Corman and Tilda. I hated and was fascinated by Coulter the same way I was 25 years ago [in the first series]. Also, the parallel between the Hitler Youth and St Alexander's league was interesting and served the plot well! I absolutely adored baby Pan... Yes, it unravelled quite slowly but I revelled in each word, in each (re) discovery, in each description and in each philosophical explanation. As for the second half, I absolutely loved it, it thrilled me as much as it scared me. I was delighted when all was going well, I was confused when fairy people and strange islands appeared out of nowhere and I was scared sh*tless whenever I read the hyena's laughter! The culminating point being what some have assumed to be a rape (I'd have smashed that prick the exact same as Mal btw) which in all honesty was not depicted in such crude words such as that you couldn't block it out and decide for yourself whether it was a savage rape or Alice fighting him off and managing to not get assaulted, thank god for that ! As far as I'm concerned, she got attacked and he was attempting to murder her, not rape her (and I will stick to that!). If there is one criticism to be made, I might form it coming from a professional stand: WHAT READER BRAKET IS THIS BOOK AIMING FOR SERIOUSLY? The main protagonist is 11 so first guess was 8 to 12. Except the content is super dark (what with maimed daemons, rapey scenes, floating bodies...) and also super philosophical (seriously some of the stuff Relf "explained" went way over my head !), yet, the writing is easy, some words are even explained just the way you do for 8 to 12 readers... again! So yeah, as a librarian I am still wrecking my head to decide whether to put it in children literature but from 11 onwards or young adults... I loved reading this book all the same (though His Dark Material will forever be on top of every other read, including HP. There, I said it! - might be bested by the Priory IDK yet). ------------------ ALL IN ALL -------------------- This book is for you if -You want to go back to Pullman's world. -You are ok with a "slow" read (I mean it took me a day and a half to read the book, but the first half is slow). -You remain undeterred in the face of dark atmosphere and storylines. This book isn't for you if -You need all paranormal stuff to have a valid explanation, always. -You want an easy childish read. -You basically just want to reread His Dark Material trilogy...

    par Mathilde POINÇOT Le 08 septembre 2021 à 12:38